Our designs are guaranteed space saving, filled with creative ideas and above all very affordable. Consumers demand for fresh and airy work, which is surrounded with minimum walls but with vaulted ceilings. When selecting cabinets, we can help you decide on the wood you want to use. Wooden cabinets are famous and are more in demand; they never seem to fade out. There are few we can mention: maple (which is light in colour), if you want to go for a formal look we will advise you to go with hickory (darker), birch (light in colour) its been in the market for long, people seems to like this more. Pine and cherry are light in colour but with the professional touch it can be darker and can last longer.

Red oak can be used if you want to give your kitchen a warmer look. Hickory and polar are almost same in looks, but hickory can be hard to install. Oak has been in the market for long.

Today's demand for counters is laminate woodwork, with plane, shiny and sleek designs. We also want you think about what shape cabinet doors you want, slaps drawer, opening side ways, raised panel or more. Wood also is created in many colours, with modern look people want to go for coloured countertops and cabinets.

We have it all, for that we want you to give us one chance and let us help you in making your decision.


We design and make your kitchen or any other need. Second our passion is to create personalized designs, which is also called custom made designs.


We provide wide range of service for all our customers. Our services fall under two categories; one where you just give the order and we choose,



  • "I had four other quotes from all the big companies but had to choose Superior Designer Kitchen Ltd. You were very prompt with your quote and a lot cheaper. My whole patio experience was outstanding and I was treated with respect. I will recommend Superior Designer Kitchen Ltd. to my friends. "